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Ceramics and other studio areas in the MFA program recently moved into a newly renovated, state-of-the-art facility on the main SIUE campus. The ceramics studio is generously equipped to accommodate student exploration of the broad range of possibilities within the ceramic arts. Each graduate student has their own private studio with 24-hour access to the building year-round.

Indoor Kilns

2 large Geil car kilns

9 electric medium/large kilns

3 electric test kilns

Outdoor Kilns

on-site anagama kiln

2 small soda kilns

2 small salt kilns

large salt kiln

large soda kiln

wood fired train kiln

wood fired soda kiln

raku kiln

Clay Mixing Room

2 Soldner clay mixers

1 Shimpo de-airing pugmill

Studio Equipment

6 treadle wheels

18 electric wheels

Brent slab roller

Bailey extruder

2 25-gallon slip tanks

2 slip-casting tables

Glaze Mixing Room


ball mill

enclosed sandblaster

Digital Fabrication Lab

Makerbot Z18 3-D printer

Makerbot 3-D scanner

28” vinyl plotter

Glowforge laser engraver/cutter

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